Dr. Mahesh Gandhi - A Profile

He graduated as M.D. (Psychiatry) in Modern Medicine in 1981.  With a passion for teaching, He has taught in Hospitals and Medical Colleges for almost 10 years.  He has written a book in Psychiatry, which is very popular amongst the undergraduate medical students.

 Dr. Gandhi was an Honorary and Head of Psychiatry Department in a prestigious medical college in Bombay, but resigned to pursue an interest in Homoeopathy. He did his Fellowship in Homeopathy(FCAH). He also co-authored many books on subjects related to Psychiatry (not on homoeopathy).

Presently Dr Gandhi is having his own private practice in Mumbai. He also visits Bharatiya Arogya Nidhi Hospital for over 20 years where he is appointed as an Honorary Psychiatrist

Dr Gandhi has been very closely associated with Dr. Rajan Sankaran for more than 15 years.  He was sitting with him daily initially for many years and then sat with him in his clinic once a week, until recently and saw mainly psychiatric cases.

Dr Gandhi has been a speaker in many of his Homeopathy Seminars arranged for Indian and foreign students.  He has been following Dr. Sankaran’s school / model of approach in Homoeopathy and many of Dr Gandhi’s cases have been published in his new book on PLANTS.

Because of Dr. Gandhi’s background in Psychiatry, he has had an opportunity to treat many psychiatric cases.  This has given him tremendous insight into the homoeopathic treatment of psychiatry related cases.

Dr. Gandhi has even lectured on Psychiatry & Homeopathy in many other cities of India.

Dr. Gandhi has been invited internationally to give seminars on this topic in many parts of the world, like USA, Israel, Bulgaria, Croatia, Yugoslavia (Serbia), South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Japan, Norway, France, Netherlands, Spain and Germany. He has been conducting lectures regularly in most of these countries.

For the past few years, he has students who come from various countries to India and sit in his clinic for some weeks, to gain clinical experience in Homoeopathy.
Dr. Gandhi was Honorary Visiting Lecturer in The College of Management for post graduate and diploma studies in Tel Aviv, Israel. He visits Israel thrice a year to give lectures and conduct workshops.

Dr. Gandhi is now in the process of writing a book in Homoeopathy to share some of his experiences, especially in the field of Psychiatry.